demos of david larstein

I was born in 1949, the year of the 45 rpm single, the year the vinyl LP record was introduced to the world. I grew up with 45's and LP records as something understood to be the primary way you listened to music. Rock 'n Roll was originally not performance music, it was radio music, singles and later television.  Even American Bandstand back in 1957 was all lip synched, not live. It was music you listened to in the car, or in your room on that cheap little 45 rpm record player.  Live concerts could not make as much money as records and radio play. Albums were for adults. 

I understood the mood concept album from the Sinatra albums that came out in the 1950s.  But in 1966, when Bob Dylan released Blonde on Blonde, followed by the Beatles' Revolver, my interest in concept albums turned to obsession.  By the late '60s long form albums were an "art form," no longer dependent on singles to sell records.  I realized that the long form song cycle was something worthy of pursuing to its conclusion. Since 1990 I have developed what can only be called the longest concept series ever in musical history.  It is a series of song cycles in five parts (so far) encompassing hundreds of songs and instrumental pieces, written, produced, and performed by one person, me.  The same digital tech that destroyed the music business that I knew, has enabled me to produce records where I can perform all instruments and vocals myself, as well as arrange, produce, mix and master the records.  I have made a 20 album concept series that is an homage to my experience in the second half of the 20th century, and the first three decades of the twenty first, my entire life.  The albums below are parts 2 through 4 of my complete series.  They pay homage to my young life in the 1950s  and '60s growing up with rock 'n roll music as it evolved through all the phases of assimilation with pop, folk, soul, blues, psychedelia, on its way to becoming what is now called Rock.  

Although the long form concept album is presently considered a relic of a bygone time, I consider it a great art form that will stand the test of time.   My work contains enough musical and literary themes, threads and references to keep anyone interested enough to study it busy for many years.  The fact that I have no audience is irrelevant to what I am trying to accomplish.  I have written the story of my time here from the exact opposite viewpoint as has been presented by popular history, by Rock music as a commercial popular art form.  My work is my own vision, done my own way with no pressure or collaboration with anyone else.  The songs work best in sequence, but are also eclectic enough to be put into anyone's playlist, any way that pleases a listener.  This is, above all, my own style of Rock music, the music I've loved since I was a child.  

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